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SHEQ support through leading industry partnerships

How many compliance certifications sit on your walls? ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 are all standard, depending on the industry an organisation operates within and its customers, but there are many additional Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) standards that businesses are increasingly expected to meet.

It’s an interesting and challenging operating landscape, particularly given how many organisations are realising the value of outsourcing their non-core business functions. The benefits of working with Functional outsourcing partners are multiple, from cost-savings to the ability to quickly and efficiently scale workforces up or down depending on current projects and needs.

Because of stringent SHEQ compliance requirements, however, every onsite employee is either a benefit to the business (as they should be) or a risk factor. Choosing efficient and sustainable partnerships has therefore become non-negotiable.

Prevention is better than the cure

Within any manufacturing environment, incidents, depending on severity, result in unnecessary business disruptions and downtime and adversely affect production efficiency. 

In order to control incidents and property damages, businesses must understand the causal factors of these incidents. In other words, what is happening within the operating environment that has resulted in an incident?

To understand these incidents, effective investigation processes must be in place with the greater focus given to more serious incidents. Functional outsourcing partners are a crucial element in this process. For example, at FunxionO, we not only take responsibility for training and onboarding our workforces, but when we place people in our clients’ businesses, we assume responsibility for the regulatory compliance of each employee. This takes ongoing management, but it also means we need to understand each business and industry we work with from the ground up so that we can identify and mitigate all risks.

Ultimately, SHEQ support is a key aspect of how FunxionO functions to ensure that all outsourced tasks are carried out in the healthiest and safest possible manner through quality processes. 

This is done through partnerships. The partnerships that we forge with our clients mean that we are able to support them and provide workable SHEQ solutions that ensure that we not only correct gaps identified but, more importantly, prevent reoccurrences. 

Preventing incidents means less time investigating them, reporting to legal entities, fixing damaged equipment, dealing with litigation, and looking for replacements for injured workers. 

This is not a nice-to-have – it’s a must-have. The most important value to injury prevention is that all workers, who are our greatest asset, get to go home to their families in the same condition that they came to work in, healthy and safe. There is no price tag that we can assign to that value. 

The long-term benefits of SHEQ support

Through a strong focus on SHEQ processes, our clients have realised improvements in morale, efficiency and productivity, which are all directly influenced by a mature and developed health and safety culture in teams. 

These mature health and safety cultures also help to improve absenteeism and worker dissatisfaction, because hazards are effectively managed and controlled, making the working environment a significantly safer and more pleasant space to work in. This has been evident as we see our clients along with our teams observing and celebrating safety milestones, a true realisation of our Customer Centricity Value: To strive to anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver excellent customer experiences.

At FunxionO we truly believe that Zero Harm to our people and our clients people is Possible. Find Out more about how FunxionO by Adcorp can help you! 

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