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Warehouse Staffing

providing efficiency to your workflow

We are your trusted Warehousing operations solutions partner.

We are geared to perform a variety of warehouse value chain services as an outsourced partner to a vast range of clients across South Africa. Utilising our best practice solutions enables department efficiencies in the challenging environment.

Outsourced Warehousing Solutions

We simplify complexity for all your Warehousing activities by providing outsourced outcomes-based service solutions that optimise costs by accelerating operational efficiencies. FunxionO currently services its warehousing clients in the following value chain areas:


FunxionO Functional Outsourcing Transport

Inbound - offloading & receiving of local & imported loads

FunxionO Warehouse Services Icon

Put-away - bulk and/or break bulk stock placement into storage

FunxionO Functional Outsourcing Solutions Architecture

Inventory Management - cycle-counting, bin stock replenishments, obsolete stock, ABC analysis

FunxionO Bagging

Packing - bulk and break-bulk order packing

FunxionO Hand Finishing Stickering

Picking - bulk & break bulk picking


FunxionO Packaging Icon

Outbound - load checking & consolidation

FunxionO Industrial Manufacturing Icon 1

Reverse logistics - goods return area (GRA management)

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How You Can Reduce Complexity In Your Operating Environment

Benefits & Value Drivers

We achieve the following benefits through precision management and the effective utilisation of resources in order to maximise your outputs, while always being agile, flexible and responsive to our clients’ daily challenges

Reduced business & labour risk

Continuous improvement

Peace-of-mind to focus on your core functions

Improved business intelligence

Functional Outsourcing Defining
Functional Outsourcing Measuring
Functional Outsourcing Analysing
Functional Outsourcing Improving
Functional Outsourcing Controlling

Defining operational challenges and opportunities for improvement in alignment to project goals, and customer requirements.

Quantifying key metrics to enable analysis and provide actionable intelligence.

Analysis of the process to determine root causes of variation and productivity inefficiencies.

Continuous improvement of performance through optimised processes and resource utilisation.

Improving control of resources and variables to drive improved productivity and efficiencies.


We deliver our functional outsourcing solution to some of Southern Africa’s largest industrial producers, supply chain networks and consumer goods manufacturers.

We create value for our clients though a measurable productivity shared risk model.

What We Focus On
How We Add Value

Data collection and interpretation

FunxionO Data Collection

Continuous Improvement Models

Clear Collection and Collaboration

FunxionO Clear communication

Operational Effectiveness

Skilled and Experienced Workforce

FunxionO Functional Outsourcing IT Support

Technical Expertise

Systems and Standards

FunxionO Systems and Standards

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

Environment/ Tools/ Processes

FunxionO Environment Processes

Collaborative Autonomy

Integration into the Client’s Environment

FunxionO Integration

Creating Bespoke Solutions

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How You Can Reduce Complexity In Your Operating Environment

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